The Love and Harmony Festival

    The Love and Harmony festival was canceled after the Kenyan police cited security concerns. The event was organized by Sol Generation for one of Sauti Sol‘s members Chimano. The Love and Harmony Fest was to be held on Saturday the 26th of February at the Two Rivers Mall but was later postponed due to the cancellation of the event’s permit by the police.

    Love and Harmony Festival
    The Love and Harmony Festival was to be held on Saturday the 26th of February at the Two Rivers Mall.

    What is the Love and Harmony Fest about?

    The Love and Harmony event was about Love and Harmony as the name indicates. The festival was termed as “the ultimate multi-experience party celebrating love, harmony, inclusion, and diversity”. It, however, came under scrutiny by the authorities for its queer nature. In Kenya, homosexuality is frowned upon and even deemed illegal. As such, some critics have said that the police banned the event due to its queer nature and the fact that it seemed to promote or celebrate homosexuality.

    Love and Harmony Festival Called Off Until Further Notice

    Regardless of the real reason for the cancellation, the Love and Harmony Festival was called off until further notice. The organizers informed their fans about the cancellation and indicated that those that had bought tickets will be communicated to within 48 hours.

    Love and Harmony Festival Cancellation
    The Love and Harmony Festival cancellation notice.

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